Module 2 Bulletin

This page is the bulletin for the ongoing Middle Age Training – Module 2 which is conducted online from February 5 to July 6, 2022.

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Meeting Instructions

Meeting links are by team.

Do you know your team?

Click the link for your team only.

The Zoom meeting rooms will open only from 7:00 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

You need to sign in to your Zoom account using the e-mail that you submitted to the registration service.

If you have not yet created an account, do so before joining the meeting.

Please note that this is YOUR account, so any error in the e-mail and password combination must be solved from your side.

The meeting passcode is: module2

This may change after some time.

Please try using the buttons above to enter the meeting. The meeting links may change from time to time, and your saved links may not be updated.

Please check if your team assignment is updated. Then choose the link for your updated team.

Technical Requirements

  • Sign in to Zoom using the email accounts you submitted. If you have not done so, you may not be able to enter the session.
  • If you are sharing a device with another MAT trainee as indicated in your registration, please make sure that you are in the same team.

Meeting Language Options

  • Main meeting room will be English. Interpretation of the sessions to Tagalog and Cebuano are available.
  • Language can be selected in the Zoom meeting room. This is in the “Interpretation” option located at the bottom of the meeting screen (sometimes in the “More” options).

Training Meeting Guidelines

  • As MAT trainees, you are required to attend to all class sessions and group study/reviews. You must also participate whenever called for testing.
  • Bring your own Bible, Hymns and Training Outlines for the sessions. Also bring notebooks and pens.
  • Please be in proper training attire:
    • Brothers – Dark slacks, white long sleeves with necktie, and dark leather shoes with long dark socks. If you need to wear a jacket, a dark formal coat is recommended.
    • Sisters – Dark skirt, white blouse, bow tie, head covering and closed dark leather shoes. No short skirts. If you need to wear a jacket, a dark formal coat or vest is recommended.

Requirements Submission

Weekly personal checklist

Click below for your weekly self-monitoring checklist.

(Available from Lord’s Day to Wednesday only.)

Please submit this form NOT later that the Wednesday following the week being reported.

Submit Assignment: Young People

Use the form to list down at least 5 names of young people who are under your care or those whom you are burdened to bring to Lord.

Remedial Classes

Did you miss a class? Or do you need to clear an incomplete session? Click below to see the list of available remedial.

Submit Testimony

Please submit your testimony by clicking the button below. You may type it on the form or upload a document or image file.

Submit Consecration

Please submit your consecration by clicking the button below. You may type it on the form or upload a document or image file.

Apply for Graduation

If you have already completed the other MAT Modules, the registration will assess your credits.

Schedules and Bulletin

Candidates for graduation

The names listed below are confirmed to have completed the three other modules, and may graduate after completing the requirements of this module.

1-Need to complete requirements for module 1.
4-Need to complete requirements for module 4.

  1. Acal, Lorena
  2. Aclao, Libertito
  3. Aganon, Ferdinand
  4. Agatep, Grace
  5. Agrave, Julibeth
  6. Albaran, Arlene
  7. Almaden, Doris
  8. Alolino, Albert
  9. Alolino, Melanie
  10. Alta, Merlie
  11. Bacotot, Eduardo
  12. Balacuit, Virgilio
  13. Cariaga, Charita
  14. Concepcion, Jan
  15. Cruz, Liberty
  16. Daguman, Ranulfo
  17. Dela Cruz, Gloria
  18. Dela Fuente, Jopet
  19. Dela Rosa, Arlene
  20. Delacruz, Suanie
  21. Destura, Juliana
  22. Dulay, Sharon May
  23. Enojardo, Serelyn
  24. Enojardo, Victor
  25. Escandallo, Rolando
  26. Esmade, Abejam
  27. Floirendo, Bernardo 4
  28. Galocgoc, Phoebe
  29. Hingpit, Nilda
  30. Jesto, Ester
  31. Laguitao, Nora
  32. Laguras, Venancio 1
  33. Lasdoce, Loreta
  34. Lecciones, Evangeline
  35. Lecciones, Lowen II
  36. Manglicmot, Rosaria
  37. Manuel, Prima
  38. Mapa, Resureccion 1
  39. Morales, Sylvia
  40. Nadayag, Grace 1,4
  41. Olo, Remedios
  42. Palaypayon, Ligaya
  43. Paquiabas, Lia
  44. Paran, Flordeliz
  45. Pasquin, Leticia
  46. Petin, Matea
  47. Quije, Vergensita
  48. Ramoneda, Ryan
  49. Remudaro, Lutgarda
  50. Reyes, Asuncion
  51. Sebusa, Ma. Linda
  52. Senining, Antonio 1
  53. Silos, Imelda
  54. Sindac, Eugenia
  55. So, Tomasa
  56. Sollano, Juan
  57. Sze, Minerva
  58. Takamura, Felicitas 1
  59. Tan, Felix
  60. Tancinco, Rosanna
  61. Tañedo, Arlyn 1
  62. Torres, Patricia
  63. Ursal, Emily
  64. Velasco, Julita
  65. Verallo, Jenny

Note: If you believe that you are graduating and your name is not included above, please fill up the form on application for graduation. If you have applied but is not listed, please contact a serving one for clarification.


Update your Zoom application.

If you are not using the latest version, you might encounter problems with the breakout rooms and language interpretation options.

Meeting Schedule

  • The Zoom meeting room for the session will be opened by 7:00pm. Please join the meeting room early to avoid technical difficulty.

Class Schedule

1WedFMC 4 – To Accomplish His Judicial Redemption
4SatNo Class – MDC
8WedManagement of Monetary Matters
11SatChildren’s Work 2 – The Young People Needing the Humanity of Jesus for the Church Life
15WedChildren’s Work 3 – Sanctifying Ourselves for the Sake of the Children
18SatFMC 5 – Knowing This Age and Knowing the Stage of Inclusion
22WedFMC 6 – Resurrection
25SatFMC 7 – Ascension
29WedFMC 8 – The Divine and Mystical Realm
6WedConsecration Meeting
9SatMAT Graduation Meeting

Note: Class schedule may change without prior notice.

Living Schedule

MAT Weekly Schedule from February 5 to July 6, 2022

Note: Morning schedules may be adjusted to suitable time.

Teams and Groupings

Trainees are divided into teams for group review, testing and fellowship.

Team assignments

Team Members List