Baguio 2020 | Module 1

April 13-25, 2020

Church in Baguio City Blending Hall

Objective: That the middle-aged saints may be perfected and raised-up in the present age for the Lord’s testimony, for the furtherance of the gospel and for the service in the building up of the Body of Christ.

  • Middle-aged saints 30-65 years old
  • Must have at least 6 months church life
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Recommended by the elders or co-workers
  • Submit application documents
  • Submit chest x-ray and medical records
  • Pay the registration fee
  • (Penalties apply for late registration)
  • February 15 – Registration deadline
  • April 12 – Bus departs from FTT-Malabon
  • April 13 – Sessions begin at morning
  • April 25 – 5th Graduation; departure by 2:30pm

Some important reminders

Dress Code

  • Training Uniform:
    • Brothers – Dark slacks, white long sleeves with necktie, and dark leather shoes with long dark socks. Dark formal coat is recommended.
    • Sisters – Dark skirt, white blouse, bow tie, head covering and closed dark leather shoes. Dark formal jacket or vest is recommended. No mini skirts
    • No denims. No loud colors. No rugged jackets, sweaters or hoodies.
  • Exercise clothes. Jogging pants, white T-shirt and rubber shoes with thick socks..
  • Gospel attire. Casual clothing in a decent style may be worn.
  • Cold weather protection. Bring clothes suitable for the cold weather, including extra layers for sleep wear, scarf, or bonnet if necessary. Rain protection such as umbrella or raincoat may be needed for gospel activity.


  • Airport transfer. For those who require airport transfers to FTT-Malabon Training Center, please indicate the arrival details in your application form.
  • Chartered bus. Trainees can avail of the chartered bus from FTT-Malabon to Baguio for a fee. Please indicate this in your registration if you want to do so. The bus boards at 1:00PM on April 12, 2020 (Lord’s Day, right after FAC).
  • Self-arrangement. We encourage those who arrive in Baguio City bus terminals to arrange for their own transportation to the Church in Baguio City Blending Hall.
  • Early arrivals. Accommodations will be open starting the evening June 9. Meals will be served starting June 10. Those who arrive earlier must arrange for their own provisions.


  • Medical records. Bring your chest x-ray and medical record for the last 6 month.
  • Medication and prescription. Bring your own maintenance and emergency medication. Also bring your Doctor’s prescription with valid IDs for emergency purposes.
  • Environmental changes. Prepare your own medicine for illnesses that may result from cold weather, high altitude, dietary changes and stress factors. Consider bringing cough/colds, allergy, blood pressure, pain, digestion, or other medications if you are especially susceptible.


  • Meeting materials. Bring your own Bible, Hymns and Holy Word for Morning Revival for the sessions. Also bring notebooks and pens.
  • Translation. For those who need translation, secure your own FM radio device and headset.
  • Gospel Materials. You are encouraged to bring Mystery of Human Life and gospel tracts for the gospel activities.


  • Laundry. The Blending Hall does NOT have laundry facilities for trainees. Laundry service is available outside for a fee.
  • Valid IDs. Bring valid IDs, Senior Citizen Card, Doctor’s Prescription ready for reference in case of emergency.
  • Luggage. Limit the number of bags/luggage to two (2) because of limited space in the quarters.

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